Youth Higher Calling Conference


Greetings! First of all, thank you for joining us this year. YHCC is coming together through hours of intercession & support and we are so excited to meet you soon. Currently, we have people registering from all over the States, including Florida, Atlanta, Utah, California and Hawaii. We are praying and hoping that you will receive much blessing through this conference and be fully rejuvenated in the LORD.

Our YHCC team will be sharing brief updates about the conference every day. The first update we have for you is about the Elective Seminars. We have 8 different seminars prepared and you can choose two different sessions to take. You will be attending the first choice of your seminar on the first day and the second choice of your seminar on the  second day. Following are the list of topics
with the speakers who will be presenting each one:

The current query has no posts. Please make sure you have published items matching your query.

Each seminar is limited to 40 individuals and it will be first come, first served basis. Once we receive 40 responses, we will be closing that session. Therefore, please send your response ASAP before
the seminar of your choice fills up!

How to send your text:

  1. After reading each topic, choose 2 seminars that you would like to attend.
  2. Then text your selection to this number: 714- 421-3635.
  3. Text format
    ** Name:
    ** 1st Day / seminar #
    ** 2nd Day/ seminar #

** If you would like more explanations about the seminars, please click the list above.
You will be able to access the speakers’ information

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