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We are well aware of the students who feel stuck and suffocated in their homes during this time of pandemic. Soul Care is a counseling session where students can feel safe sharing about their struggles, especially the ones that they may have developed in the past couple months. Students feeling trapped may possibly form various mental
disorders such as depression, internet addiction, game addiction, irregular lifestyle, intermittent explosive disorder (IED), and intense conflicts within family relationships. Soul Care provides these students with professional counseling to help them maneuver through their hardships.
Soul Care team is consisted of 10 professional counselors and ministers who all graduated from the Talbot School of Theology. Moreover, one of the members have been serving with us in Youth HCC Soul Care for over 10 years!
The Soul Care program will be operating from 6pm-8pm (dinner time) and each session is 50 minutes long. If you would like to attend Soul Care within your dinner time, please contact our team.

How to Sign-up

  1. Students under 18 need parental consent form. The consent form is included in your welcome package
    and it is also attached in the email
  2. . Fill out the consent form. You can either email us or take a picture and send it to 714-421-3635
  3. Students over 18 does not need to fill out the parental consent form. Simply text your name to 714-421-3635
  4.  After signing up, you will receive a zoom link either through email or text message
  5. If you would like the counseling session to be in Korea, please text (KOR 한국말) when you message
  6. Soul Care is also open to church leaders, teachers, and parents

***if you would like additional explanations about the elective seminars, please contact our team members. Also, if you did not receive our D-6 email and was unable to register for the elective seminars, please email us at

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