Youth Higher Calling Conference


Woohoo! We will be together in 4 DAYS!! Do you want to be blessed during this conference? I’m sure you guys all do…so we will share a little tip. With 4 days left, we would like to ask you guys to daily pray for this conference. Our team is participating in a prayer commitment called “1.1.1 Prayer Movement” where we pray every day (1 day) at 1 pm, for 1 minute. Just imagine multitudes of Christians praying daily at 1pm for our nation, church, and family. We will be able to anticipate amazing changes. If we all pray together with one heart, I believe that we will witness a great miracle. Let us all partake in the 1.1.1 Prayer Movement and ready our hearts for the conference. Join us everyday at 1pm~
We also wanted to introduce YHCC’s “Welcome & Fun Time.” Estel GSN will be our host and she has prepared
lots of fun game and amazing prizes for you guys! We hope that this will be a time where you can get to know and encourage one another. It’s pretty simple. Keep the YouTube/Zoom link that we will be sending out and respond to the questions that we ask. We will be using raffle tickets and text messages as a way of communication during the games.


Our team prepared these prizes for you guys SO THAT you may be able to fully engage and participate
throughout the conference. Although we have moved online, we hope that you will all be able to receive
blessings well through the screens. Lastly, we will be gifting one person with a PC laptop through raffle tickets towards the end! Moreover, we pray that YHCC will receive greater presents from God Himself, more than what human hands can give. Once again, let us meet everyday in prayer at 1.1.1.

Prayers For Higher Calling

1. May the youth find true love of God and be strongly rooted in the Word.
2. As they listen to the Word, may they be filled with the Holy Spirit and overcome the world.
3. May they find their vision and identity as “diaspora.”
4. May they become a vast army that changes the world, as from Ezekiel’s vision.
5. May they become a generation that brings reunification of Korea, a generation that brings healing to the broken nation.
6. May they commit to missions and the revivals of youth’s movement for Gospel.
7. May the speakers be filled with the Holy Spirit and proclaim God’s Word powerfully.
8. May the Holy Spirit lead the conference, and may the conference bring glory to God.
9. May you fill the spiritual hunger of the all attendees and renew their vision and passion.
10. May all programs run smoothly as the Holy Spirit leads.
11. May all attendees desperately seek you and fix their eyes on you throughout the conference.
12. Bless the promotion in all churches so that we will have over 400 youths attending the conference.
13. May the registration go smoothly, and may you fill the financial need of all attendees.
14. May you move the heart of individuals and organizations for the youth so that they would give toward the conference for $20,000.
15. Fill the praise team and their praises with the Holy Spirit.
16. May you fill the need of the attendees through the elective seminars.
17. May the small group times be intimate, and be filled with encouragements and prayers.
18. May the conference medias be vibrant and heart-moving.
19. May the conference run with unceasing prayers.
20. May the attendees serve their churches well and become the fire seeds of revival after the conference.

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