Youth Higher Calling


For today’s update, we are going to share about the Communion Service and the Commitment time. This will take place on the third day, after the evening session. Our team is mindful of the fact that are theological differences regarding communion service among the churches. We understand that communion is normally conducted by the pastor and only those who received baptism may partake in it. With that in mind, we wanted to clarify that we are treating the scheduled communion time as a pure expression  of fellowship. Meaning that our focus is simply on taking bread in memory of Jesus. However, we still desire to move forward with this plan within the church body’s approval.
The communion will be taking place in your own homes or possibly in your church building (under the pastor’s supervision) on December 23.

[How to prepare for the communion]

  1. We ask that parents/pastors/head of the family/church leaders prepare some bread and grape juice.
  2. Prepare a little plate and a small cup
  3. Place the bread on the plate and pour the grape juice in the cup (please prepare before the evening session!)
  4. Follow along with the steps that the pastor provides in the YouTube video.
  5. We will be livestreaming and if any of the parents/pastors/head of the family/church leaders are present with the students, please assist them through the process of breaking bread and pouring juice.
  6. Have a time of prayer in remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice
  7. We ask that parents and church leaders hold hands together with their children or their students and pray a prayer of blessing during the prayer time
  8. Receive heavenly blessing!

[Dedication and Commitment Time]

This is the time where students apply to their lives the blessings that they received throughout the conference. Estel GSN will be leading this time and she will provide the link to access this portion. It’s simple. Click on the link and type out your commitment/dedication. The students will be able to make decisions without being weary of others’ opinions since this will be conducted in their own space. We desire that all the participates will be able to express their genuine commitment before the LORD, free from peoples’ perspectives.

We have a shorter schedule for the last day, missing Elective Seminars and Soul Care. However, we believe that God’s blessings will extend beyond the time we spent together throughout the conference.
BY THE WAY, did you guys know that we have a theme worship song for the conference?

It’s “Faithful to the End”  (the video is attached below)

We encourage you to listen to this worship song and prepare your hearts before the conference. Let us all worship in one voice when we meet on that first day!

One last thing. If there are people around you do not know about HCC or if they have yet to make a decision, treat it as an opportunity to share the Gospel and invite them to join us.