Youth Higher Calling Conference


Hello ~~ We have TWO DAYS left! Thank you for all your interests, questions, and support for this conference. Today’s topic is about the Church Small Group. This is the time you gather with your church memebers after the Plenary sessions II and IV. Your church leaders and pastors will be leading this time. Now, let’s see how all this works!

[SOON Group Time]

21st (Monday) & 22nd (Tuesday) after night session 9PM (PTA) 12AM (ETA)

  1. The small group time after each night session is important because we will be sharing the blessings that we receive throughout the conference.
  2.  If your church is leading your own small group, the respective church leaders will provide the ZOOM link.
  3. For those who do not have church small group leaders or registered separately, we will create groups that will include members from different churches.
  4. We will notify you about the group once it’s set.
  5.  The discussion questions will be provided through the announcement time after the night session and the small group leaders will receive training ahead of time.
  6. Please complete your small group time within an hour.
  7. We pray that testimonies will flow out during the small group times.

We sent you a email include the website link containing information about the Youth HCC. 

Information included in this website:
1. Announcements
2. Overall Youth HCC schedule
3. Youth HCC Zoom link
4. Youth HCC YouTube channel
5. Youth HCC website

We hope that you will be able to enjoy a time of deep sharing during the SOON Group (Small Group) time.
Also, if you meet fellow believers from different state/church, let’s all encourage and uplift one another in

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