Youth Higher Calling Conference


TOMORROW is the DAY. We have several announcements, so follow along!

First, we will be using the website link that is included in the email on D-2 and D-1.

The website contains information about:

  1.  Announcement
  2. Overall Youth HCC Schedules
  3. Youth HCC Zoom link
  4. Youth HCC Youth channel.
  5. Youth HCC Website
  6. HCC General overview
  7. Elective Seminar

You can access all information about the Online Conference through this website.

Second, the Help Desk Team—direct all questions related to the Conference here
There will be three staff members at the Help Desk Team to assist you. If you have any questions pertaining to the conference, please contact us.

  • Send your questions to: Hot line text: 213-210-8248 OR kakaotalk ID: winbuildsend

Third, Elective Seminar

  • Elective Seminar #4—Self Image session is closed.
  •  If you registered for Elective Seminar #1 (How to Help Others to Know Christ), please install the app “Godtools” in your phone (if you try using it before the session, it can help during the
  • If you have yet to register for the Elective Seminars or if you registered for the conference late, please read through the information about the Elective Seminar topics provided in the website. Then choose the session you want to take and access the ZOOM link according to its

Fourth, Love Feast We have our Love Feast (communion) on our last day, 12/23. For those who want to partake in this time of communion, please prepare a portion of bread and grape juice in your home or church. During the session, the parents, pastors, or the church leader can follow along with the video and distribute the bread and the grape juice.

Lastly, we will be live-streaming the conference. Please follow along with our MC, Estel GSN, who will be sharing announcements.
Also, we have special presents prepared for you each session!
If you win the prize, send your name and information to our help desk : 213-210-8248 or Kakaotalk:winbuildsend


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