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Elective Seminars

Elective Seminar

Sam Shin

Am I born to be Asian gangster or Police ?

Pastor Ben Cho

Understanding Anger

Do you understand your own anger? Anger can be the most destructive emotion. It can hurt relationships. It can lead to misunderstanding. Anger can also be a type of a signal to you that something is not right. There can be something deeper inside you that is not resolved. When you frequently encounter these angry moments you can be confused about why this is happening to you. You probably need to understand your own anger before it turns into deeper resentment or even uncontrollable rage.

Lucia Kim

Success in Witnessing

Sharing the Gospel feels daunting. However, when you come to recognize the power of the Gospel message, those fears are silenced and faith rises in you to take the initiative to share. Come learn how you can grow as a messenger for Christ and be equipped to share the Gospel through evangelistic tools.

Daniel Chung

Imperfect Worship

We are created to worship God! But have you ever felt like your worship and praise sound not perfect and even felt like you are incompetent to lead worship or be part of worship team? Or do you have a dream to give God a perfect worship at your church or in your personal life but have difficult time doing it? In this seminar, we will talk about what it means to worship in righteous way and perfect way! Come and join us and we will be here to encourage you and also answer some questions that you have as well!