Youth Higher Calling


Early Registration (until 11/30)
Fee: $240 per person
Includes meals and lodging

Regular Registration (12/1-12/24)
Fee: $280 per person
Includes meals and lodging

Walk-in  (from 12/25)
Fee: $300 per person
Includes meals and lodging

  • All sales are final. Higher Calling Conference does not offer Returns or Refunds for any items (including, but not limited to Registration Ticket, and merchandize) after purchase. Also, you may not transfer your registration to others.
  • In case you are unable to attend the conference, after registration, due to the reasons pertaining to COVID-19, please contact us at
  • If you would like to make a payment with a check, please write the check payable to SOON Movement Global and on the memo section, write “Youth HCC & your church name”.
    Mail the check to SOON Movement Global (P.O. Box 3410, Fullerton, CA 92834) prior to the conference. The registration will not be complete until the payment is received.
  • It is required to fill out and sign the liability form to attend the Higher Calling Conference. Please click the liability form  below, fill out and sign. 
  • Minors (18 yrs and under)
  • Adults (19 yrs and up)

To inquire about church registration, please contact Kee Song Lee @ 213-210-8248 (for English)

교회 등록에 대한 문의사항은 김인화 간사 818-314-6643 으로 연락주시기 바랍니다. (한국어 안내)

For registration-related questions, email at

Regarding COVID-19

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Youth Higher Calling Conference requires negative COVID-19 test results, prior to your arrival at the site.

PCR Test

  1. Please bring a negative PCR test result from at most 7 days prior to the conference (tested between 12/20/21 – 12/25/21). Note that due to the holidays, you may not receive your results before your arrival at the site, if you plan to take a test on Dec 25th and 26th. Please make sure to take a test at the latest on Dec 24th. You can take PCR tests free of a charge at nearby CVS, and Walgreen. You may use text messages from the test center as proof of negative results.

  2. Youth Higher Calling will perform an additional rapid COVID-19 test (self-administered) at the site upon your arrival. The result will be available within 15 minutes. Parents, please stay with your child/children in your vehicle until the result comes out. In case a student is tested positive, he/she will not be allowed to the site.